Thursday, 25 October 2012

First Stop: Russia

What a place to start! I guess as one of the biggest land masses on the map, it was easy to land on. The menu, of course had to include Borscht. Which the boys very much enjoyed:

They were being vampires I guess....I suppose playing with your food is OK if you are actually eating it as well.

The main course was a Kulebiaka, a savory Russian pie traditionally filled with fish, rice, chopped egg, and mushrooms. 

But the highlight of this meal was dessert, a layered Honey cake that Shawn slaved over.  It is well worth the effort. This is the recipe that we followed: Mulit-layerd Russian Honey Cake

And of course, what is a Russian meal without a wee bit of vodka....straight up! I tried to sneak in a bit of tonic with mine, but was severely frowned at. And of course, Iain wanted a little taste. And when we obliged, he made a face and declared "Russian Water Yucky"

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