Thursday, 25 October 2012


We LOVE Sushi. So we were so very excited to land on Japan. I would like to say, that Kingston has about as many Sushi restaurants as it does Tim Hortons. They are all pretty good, but I will also say some of the best sushi I have had was in Montreal. But don't ask me where, because I don't remember. Actually, Shawn is the one that has always loved sushi. He had to persuade me many times to try it.....for me it was an acquired taste. But once I acquired it.....yum-yum. The boys also like it, in fact Fintan called all fish sushi for quite some time when he was young. But he may have been referring to goldfish crackers. He may have just been trying to say "fishy".

Little Man F draws the flags,
if they are simple!

We started with Zaru Soba,  Japanese cold buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce. They were cool and refreshing; and enjoyed by all 4 of us. Here is the recipe I used: Zaru Soba

Next, was our maki and sushi feast, tempura and Sake (the LCBO only stocked one acually made in Japan)
This tray was made by a friend of ours, Jesse Stinson. Check out more of his and his family's work: Stinson Studios

Dessert....well we all tried it.....but only one bite:  

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