Friday, 26 October 2012

Papua New Guinea

To date, this was our least favorite meal to eat, but the most fun to cook!
We decided to do a Mumu, a traditional way of cooking food over an open fire, usually in a pit with hot stones over covered food. We already had the fire pit, and we pulled out our maple syrup pot to create an oven:

We lined the pot with banana leaves (found some at the little Asian market down the street from work) and layered veggies, pineapple & chicken then poured in a can of coconut milk, and wrapped the banana leaves around the food. We had dug out the firepit deeper, and let the fire burn down to a good bed of coals and the whole meal slow cooked for a couple of  hours.

Big pile of fresh fruit & veggies

What it looked like cooked

To drink we made Muli Wara (lemonade!)

And fresh fruit for dessert:

The only reason I say it was our least favorite to eat, the banana leaves left a flavour we did not enjoy, the method of cooking was great though, we will make this again, without the banana leaves!

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